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Perfect World International: Sirens of War Released

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelMMORPG.COM Staff Posts: 21,735 Epic

Perfect World Entertainment has announced that the latest content update to Perfect World International, Sirens of War, has been released. To celebrate the release, PWE has sent out a new video showing in-game footage from Sirens of War. Enjoy!


  • Entropy14Entropy14 Edmonton, ABMember Posts: 673 Uncommon
    Looks like every other P2W game from from PW, hope nobody supports this to be honest so they stop pumping out 30 f2p games a year.
  • DigironoDigirono Charlotte, NCMember Posts: 86
    No, every other P2W game from PWE looks like this, seeing as how PWI was their first as "PWE".


  • pinktailzpinktailz internet, ALMember Posts: 173 Uncommon
    my eyes is bleeding
  • doodler222doodler222 VirginiaMember Posts: 104 Uncommon
    Originally posted by Digirono
    No, every other P2W game from PWE looks like this, seeing as how PWI was their first as "PWE".

    I played Perfect World back when it was PW-MY - about six or so years ago. Then it was a pay to win f2p game, but when it went to Perfect World International  it became a mega-Pay-to-WIN F2P  (I joined day 1) and played up till about 6 months ago.


    If you ever step  a foot onto the PVP servers, prepare to die as the rich credit-card players pound you none stop to "test out their skills". I personally spent over 10k and still could not keep up, so I simply deleted that toon and went to a real free to play game.


    Trust me - Perfect World is only perfect for those raking in the cash.


    NOTE: They had a major bug where a large amount of playres - cheated- and leveled easily from level 90-to-105. DId they do anything to these people after swearing in the forum they would ?  NO. They let them keep their levels. And I left.

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