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EEHHH! Should i care?

tomacontomacon Brandon, FLPosts: 16Member Uncommon

I for one don't know if i should be that excited about this game. Is it going to be another grind fest where all we do is one dungeon after another... Seems to be the way the MMO's are going now and days.What's the world going to be like.. Is it going to be open or one big instance , is it going to play anything like the single player games? I know they have to make it MMO friendly, but to be honest if i wanted to play anything like that i'd play something like WOW or SWTOR. If they take one aspect after another and stay true to the games that have been releasing and that we all love, it'll be great. Things like being Evil, for say i go into a town and kill the gaurds and everyone hates you.Some of us preffer to be hated.. What i don't want is a fluffy cloud world where the gaurdrails are put up so you don't fall off the bed and hurt your pretty little head, and give me a OPEN world where you run up to a spot and there's already people there. What a concept! Untill i see what the nuts and bolts look like put together i'm not getting my hopes up. Rift was great untill it became one grind fest after another like most MMO's.I know each concept of a game is taken from another, and with each new game there goes the saying "simpson's did it", but i want what i've loved about The Elder Scrolls to rain true in this,. This is all pure opinion and observational comments don't take anything i say to heart just voicing what i've noticed over the years. I'd love to see what you all have to say.

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