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Joemighty Was Here - Gaming Community opens recruitment

RMYumaRMYuma RijenPosts: 21Member

Joemighty Was Here

GW2 Server: Far Shiverpeaks (EU)
Location: EU
Hi there,

We are Joemighty Was Here, a European Gaming Community.
We are a group of old school gamers and we have played together for over six years.

We are at the moment looking for new (groups of) players to join our community
so we can grow larger and support even more games.

The currently played games are:
- Diablo 3
- Guild Wars 2
- Starcraft 2
- World of Warcraft

We try to organize as many events in these games as possible.
To reach that goal we use our website and our private teamspeak server.

We're currently looking for new members to play with us in Starcraft 2.
Our aim is to participate in WvW and dungeon runs, while having fun on TeamSpeak.

Interested in joining our gaming community?
Check out our website at

Regards and hope to see you soon!



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