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List of some guilds comming to DFUW (USA and Europe servers)

UgediBugediUgediBugedi StockholmPosts: 14Member
North American server(s)
  1. Armata(FR): Meldor
  2. Black Shields: Rhade
  3. brutaL: Pink Taco
  4. Centurions: Nyrus Pars
  5. Covert Operations: Spades911
  6. Custodis Silenti: Jyce
  7. Dark Hand of Valor: Morigen
  8. Defiance: MyaterPain / Grumbagz
  9. Dominion: Fspy Zhulander
  10. Duchy of Wessex:
  11. Dwarf: Robsrevenge
  12. Epic: Evades Dreadd
  13. Evil Bastages: Infi Delity
  14. Grief: Womp
  15. Grimtide's Angels: -Grimtide-
  16. GSO - Kotic Savage
  17. Guts N Glory: pimp-tight
  18. Harbingers of Death: Preparation H
  19. Harlequin: Tezaw
  20. Imperil: MagicHat
  21. Imperium: Drogan
  22. Incognito: Sir Balin
  23. Inquisition: Paragus
  24. Ironic: Fenix Rising
  25. Justice: Wes Furtive / Kras Treetall
  26. Karma: griM'
  27. KaTana: Fenny
  28. Longbarrel: joshuawn
  29. Lords of Death: Melechar_King
  30. Lords of War: Epsilon LoW / Ragnarok LoW
  31. Nemesis: Keno
  32. NME: rootedoak
  33. Old timers guild: havanamild / reptiliansun
  34. Outnumbered: Keflon
  35. Red Sky: Lady Lillian
  36. R I P: Maurizio
  37. Sabotage-Gaming: Hephaestus
  38. Salvation: Lady Mali
  39. Scare Bears: Findog
  40. SGS: shhock
  41. Sick Bastards: Dim Mok
  42. Sinister Tyrants: Pariah/ Wreatch
  43. Sinister: Sendog[SiN]
  44. Snowball: Kimoshu
  45. The Archon of Mercia: DoomDown
  46. The Family: Assassin Parks
  47. THE GENTLEMEN: Zaxxon123
  48. The nightcrow tribes
  49. The Orkhestra: Famer Joe
  50. The Yew Militia: Nocturne
  51. Undead Lords: type
  52. Vamp: Talon x
  53. Vestige Enterprises: Zarithas
  54. VexX: Azerno
  55. Virakar Outriders: Yarsoon
European server(s)


  • JupstoJupsto englandPosts: 2,075Member Uncommon
    interesting list. kirk trolling and is nomads tho.

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  • ZushakonZushakon JönköpingPosts: 147Member Uncommon

    Murder Herd is not actually coming to UW and MOTHERCHRISTMAS is actually a member of Bad Boys For Life ^^

    Darkfall Unholy Wars:
    Zushakon Odi

  • jdlamson75jdlamson75 Jacksonville, FLPosts: 998Member Uncommon
    Might wanna add Insidious Prophecy (former Insidious); Julius Khaldun, Rhonin Khaldun, and Falstaf Crypton leaders; NA server.
  • marcustmarcust AdelaidePosts: 491Member Uncommon

    Harbingers of Death: Preparation H

    - looking forward to being a part of this aussie timezone based guild

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