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Stormbluff Isle(SBI): [DA] Decisive Action

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[DA] Decisive Action


Stormbluff Isle

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Bridging the gap between Casual and Hardcore

What does it mean to "Bridge the gap between Casual and Hardcore"?  Anyone who has spent enough time talking about games has heard the terms "hardcore" and "casual" thrown around when talking about different types of players. Hardcore can be defined in simple terms as a player who strives for absolute excellence in everything they do. Casual can be defined as a player who may have a limited time to play the game, or a player who simply focuses more on having fun than being the best.

How do you bridge the gap between these two types? Where do you find the middle ground? In Decisive Action, we believe that you can have a casual attitude while playing at a hardcore level. Ultimately, this is a game. We will treat it like a game. Not like a job or a chore. However, we strive to make a name for ourselves in structured PvP and in World versus World. We want people to see our guild name and say, "Those guys are good."

What does that mean to us as a guild? For the leadership current and future, this means that we will not impose a "minimum hours logged" requirement on our members. We will allow you to switch guilds to explore other aspects of this amazing game. You're never going to be kicked out because you don't want to do guild activities every day. We will understand that our members are real people with real lives. However, we will also expect a level of quality from our members. We will recruit players who demonstrate ability in the game. Our goal is to fill our ranks with quality players that will help us become a guild that is not only tight-knit, but also a force to be reckoned with.

One of our main objectives as a guild is to efficiently capture and defend a Keep in World versus World. Every week we will own a Keep. In order to accomplish this we will need teamwork and coordination from our members while on the battlefield. We will not force you to help our cause in World versus World but it is highly encouraged. 

As a member, you will perform with greatness while running with the guild. We're serious about teamwork and quality.  Not only will you be expected to perform at the best of your ability, when you represent this guild you will be expected to show respect to your fellow guildmates regardless of playstyle.  You will also be expected to show a level of maturity and level-headedness when dealing with members of other guilds. Ultimately, you play the game your way, but you will be expected to show skill maturity, and teamwork while representing Decisive Action.

If you're not a member and have read this, hopefully you are interested in joining our ranks and furthuring our cause for PvP and WvW excellence. We invite you to try your hand at becoming part of our community. If you are already a member, thank you for representing Decisive Action. We hope that you're prepared to grow both as a player and as a guild.

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