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know the lore!

A lot of XIV is from bits and pieces of all the Final Fantasy series. The first Final Fantasy came out before some of you were a gleam in your parents eyes. 1987 to be exact. In light of the events with Bahamut I thought I would post a piece of lore from the first FF.

The Floater from the nearby Ice Cave allows them to raise an airship to reach the northern continents. After they prove their courage by retrieving the Rat's Tail from the Castle of Ordeal, the King of the Dragons, Bahamut, promotes each Light Warrior. A kind gesture is repaid by a fairy, receiving special liquid that produces oxygen, and the Warriors use it to help defeat the Water Fiend, Kraken, in the Sunken Shrine. They also recover a Slab, which allows a linguist named Dr. Unne to teach them the Lefeinish language. The Lefeinish give the Light Warriors access to the Floating Castle that Tiamat, the Wind Fiend, has taken over.

Also in FFXIV and FFXIV:AAR the Garlend empire story is from FF1. A story 25 years in the making. And a benchmark that a lot of modern RPGS/MMORPG base there lore or inspiration from. Guild Website and Recruitment link


  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member
    With the Four Fiends defeated and the Orbs restored, a portal opens in the Temple of Fiends which takes them 2000 years into the past. There the Warriors discover that the Four Fiends sent Garland (now the archdemon Chaos) back in time and he sent the Fiends to the future to do so, creating a time loop by which he could live forever.

    some more lore Guild Website and Recruitment link

  • Snowdon_CloudripperSnowdon_Cloudripper Chickasha, OKPosts: 584Member
    I really just wanted to put this out there because some of the "younger" players who do not really know all there is to FF and its lore, Who might want to downplay Bahamut as something done in the past , or cloning something from another game . Just wanted to open your minds to that : ) Guild Website and Recruitment link

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