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Extra Key?

davc123davc123 sloMember Posts: 397 Uncommon

anyone have any  guess key   and dont need ?

because i want  frst try before i buy


  • bingo69bingo69 Rouyn-Noranda, QCMember Posts: 203
    Same here
  • DiSpLiFFDiSpLiFF Toronto, ONMember Posts: 605

    I just recently got my money refunded for the game. It has potential but atm is still in alpha stages and you can tell. 

    I really hate how the gaming industry is going to the buy before it's finished beta. 

  • Arcondo87Arcondo87 Prince Albert, SKMember Posts: 94
    smart move on wanting a key first...i personally got the game during alpha played it for 2 weeks and was sooo dissapointed i got my refund back...
  • ZadawnZadawn SMember Posts: 665 Uncommon
    bought it,played it,asked for a refund then bought it for 15$ again.Best deal ever.

  • JonokuJonoku Cool, PAMember Posts: 645

    Looking at: The Repopulation
    Preordering: None
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  • VarossVaross Moderator Posts: 3,447 Uncommon

    There is already a sticky for the request and offering of keys.  You can find it at the link above.


    Please use it for all future offers and requests.  Thank you.

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