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CO or swtor or aoc or something else

Ralphie2449Ralphie2449 GreecePosts: 406Member Uncommon

So i am mainly looking to play or replay some somewhat big mmorpg title and i am not sure which one.


i am not looking for some big innovation, im just looking for a generic game with the usual pvp mechanics that is big enough and doesnt have horrible f2p graphics due to low budget.


I was currently thinking of retrying either

star wars the old republic

champions online

age of conan

or if there is anything else similar to those whcih is good.


Anyone know if these games pvp is still alive, if there are players who are actually pvping? And if you have something to suggest i would prefer something that needs a sub under 20euro. I have no intention to buy a 50 dollar game with a sub or the crazy wow expansion package.


  • trenshodtrenshod charlotte, MIPosts: 128Member
  • WalterWhiteWalterWhite CardiffPosts: 405Member Uncommon

    Each is F2P so you can try out each one but I would recommend AoC as I personally think it is the best out of the 3.

    AoC is a great game let down by it's earlier bad press and silly mistakes made by Funcom, but is still one of the best looking MMO's out there and a lot of fun too.

    SWTOR has a great story and thats about it.

    CO has great character creation.


  • ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common
    All your suggestions have terrible pvp, even worse than wow.
  • Ralphie2449Ralphie2449 GreecePosts: 406Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by ShakyMo
    All your suggestions have terrible pvp, even worse than wow.

    i never said im looking for some innovative game with new pvp mechanics

    im looking for the usual stereotypical mechanics like on those games i said, i just want to know if those or any similar games have alive pvp population and there isnt any glaring issue

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