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Sim-like, Big, Somewhat Casual

sagilsagil StockholmPosts: 291Member Common

Hi there. I am looking to play an online game that I can play while I sit back and play some console games. I'm not a botter, but I want the game to wait maybe 10 mins before I do something else. I don't want it to be obligatory to always look at the game and do nothing else, eating away life. But I do want it to be competitive in end-game (no cheating!).

Would like a new game released from 2011 forward, because I don't want to play with old and entirely buffed up players.

It could have some tycoon sim like features, or actually it is a very good option. But not just that (ie browser games with just economy features). Should also have things that would want you to explore when you have lots of time or to PvP, quest, etc..



  • ragnarokekragnarokek OsakaPosts: 134Member
    try lagoonia. its a browser based game. the premise is you are stranded on an island after your plane crashes. kinda sorta like a facebook game, but i think it has most features that you are looking for.


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