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Looking for a Game Invite

AesowhreapAesowhreap Omaha, NEPosts: 78Member
Trying to get invited to a guild or game in the mmorpg section type, let me know waht game you play and how to meet you. 

Best Regards, ...


  • ZtyXZtyX BjerringbroPosts: 367Member Uncommon

    Hi Aesowhreap

    We're really hungry for people to join us for the upcoming launch of Darkfall: Unholy Wars. That's actually the reason I'm browsing right now is cause I'm trying to recruit, so it was nice to see your post.

    You can check out our recruitment post: here

    And our website is here, which is also where you can apply.

    Hope to hear from you :)



  • AesowhreapAesowhreap Omaha, NEPosts: 78Member
    Ill look into it.

    Best Regards, ...

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