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a game of dwarves

ShakyMoShakyMo BradfordPosts: 7,207Member Common

so just tried this

wasnt expecting much following reviews, but i actually enjoyed it.


Despite the name it isn't Dwarf Fortress with a nicer UI and graphics


Its like a more leisurely Dungeon Keeper, but with multiple layers.  It also has a feel of a 3 dimensional terraria about it and a little of the old Amiga / Atari ST game diggers (but in 3 dimensions)

It's one of those games where you can get in a zen like zone of - i will just dig this little bit here, then go to bed - oh theres something else other there, best go dig for that - type gameplay, kinda like terraria, minecraft, dungeon keeper and civilization, theres always that one more little bit you can do.

It less complicated than dungeon keeper with requireing different room types, different monster types and requiring optimum dungeon layouts

But its more complicated in terms of resource management, keeping an eye on your dwarves so you dont loose them and being aware of the 3D space

It also has a civ like technology tree.

It has a free play mode where you can just concentrate on making a nice looking dwarven hold.  Theres a variety of different floor tiles, wall tiles and ornament fluff items so you can make your base your own

No multiplayer

It has horrible graphics, presentation aint its strong point.

Theres not much use made of the surface, you cant build upwards on it to make a surface fort.  You can fence off areas and setup your farms there though (which is good idea once your dwarves have progressed a bit)



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