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New content and team on vanguard might have me taking a look.

cybertruckercybertrucker Pensacola, FLPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon

This is huge news. New development team on board and new high level content to be released later this month City of Brass.

SOE kept claiming that they had plans for the game but no one believed it including me. Looks like they were not lieing. I spent 2 years in vanguard was one of the better games I played. This might have me take a look into it again. 


  • cybertruckercybertrucker Pensacola, FLPosts: 1,119Member Uncommon
    To add on this it appears like they have had more fixes in the last month than they  have had all year. This does indeed look promising. Maybe They will start to work on an expansion as well.
  • itchmonitchmon west islip, NYPosts: 1,787Member Uncommon
    if they keep improving it i might have to bust out the ye olde sonypass or whatever they call it. i like POTBS as well as VG.

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  • mymmomymmo moms basment since the 2008 crashPosts: 306Member Uncommon

    This old trailer maybe can make you download the game :) 

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  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Anderson, InPosts: 2,879Member Uncommon

    Sony has a little gold mine here, lets see if they take care of it.


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  • hockeyplayrhockeyplayr Middlesex, NJPosts: 604Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by itchmon
    if they keep improving it i might have to bust out the ye olde sonypass or whatever they call it. i like POTBS as well as VG.

    I have the same thing. was a fan of dcuo and eq2.  Now with this its a ridiculously good deal

  • quasar941quasar941 Binghamton, NYPosts: 159Member

    It is looking promising but I am never the less going to wait for the population to grow some before renewing my station pass again. The LFG window is still a very, very lonely place and other games do the "single player RPG" experience a lot better than VG.

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