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How to get a refund?

JenosydeJenosyde belzoni, MSPosts: 100Member Uncommon

So... The title says it all, i was wondering how i could get a refund i just purchased the game about 4 hours ago, i register on their forums and i cant post to get help with the game, or know of anyway to contact support. if the problems can be corrected i might not ask for a refund but seeing as i cant post on their site im doing so here... thanks for any help


Problem 1 :

When i start the game i cant see my characters iv created, or see them to even create how they look.

Problem 2 : 

When i just randomly make my character i just enter the game to test it out anyway, i get in and its not visible it looks like there is nothing but sky all the way around me and im floating in air. i can see my character but i can use flash light and other abilities..

My computer should be able to run this game with 0 problems here are my computer specs.

Brand - ibuypower

Processor - i7 2.6ghz

Ram - 12 gigs

Gfx card - Ati Raedeon 5850 HD


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