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ESO Alpha testing

asj18asj18 lawn, TXPosts: 86Member

this is an alpha test  review for elder scrolls online and it has got me excited the guy gives a ton of information on what he is allowed to... check it out and leave a comment below tell me what your excited about  with eso . I am cautiously optimistic about eso.  From the way this man describes some of the features sounds pretty awesome.

I am unsure if this has already been posted but even so its worth listening to again.   

Games I will be playing are: TES V, SWTOR, ME 3, TSW


  • ZadawnZadawn SPosts: 665Member Uncommon
    Sounds like a lot of fun,i planned to get it anyway but now im even more convinced.

  • asj18asj18 lawn, TXPosts: 86Member
    right  it sounds awesome.

    Games I will be playing are: TES V, SWTOR, ME 3, TSW

  • Crazy_StickCrazy_Stick Privacy Preferred, NCPosts: 1,059Member

    Sure, it sounds awesome. SWTOR sounded awesome from beta / alpha press releases and we know how that finally turned out. It’s interesting to see but I am not trusting anything this early and everything  is prone to change from alpha to release. It's early hype. I will not buy into HYPE alone anymore. I am keeping an open if distrustful mind regarding the game.

  • antonatsisantonatsis heraklionPosts: 109Member
    no offence here but...the way jessy spoke,it gave me the impression that 90% of what he said is read from a PR letter.Its not the typical i have some notes and speak on them.Dont know only time will tell.
  • TraugarTraugar Robbinsville, NCPosts: 183Member Uncommon
    It's an Elder Scrolls game so I will at least give it a shot.  If they deliver on everything it will be great, but that's a big if.  Most games sound promising in alpha/beta, but once we get into the game we see what it is really like.  
  • asj18asj18 lawn, TXPosts: 86Member
    of course i agree with you all. it will be an interesting roller coaster  to see how it progresses..

    Games I will be playing are: TES V, SWTOR, ME 3, TSW

  • wordizwordiz Eugene, ORPosts: 464Member
    We've all been disappointed a lot recently, but man, it's hard not to get excited about this one...c'mon Bethesda, you haven't failed me yet.
  • tom_goretom_gore TamperePosts: 1,995Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by wordiz
    We've all been disappointed a lot recently, but man, it's hard not to get excited about this one...c'mon Bethesda, you haven't failed me yet.

    Then you should probably know that Bethesda is not developing TESO.

  • wireded21wireded21 NorfolkPosts: 131Member Uncommon

    Wow, like it a lot, going to keep an eye on this one.

    Great alpha review, lots of good information.

  • RavenRaven LondonPosts: 1,973Member Uncommon
    That is a pretty awesome video. Really want to see how this pans out.


  • coretex666coretex666 PraguePosts: 2,973Member Rare

    I have to admit that the game looks better and better from what I have seen. Hopefully, they will reduce its themeparkiness to minimum and add some more sandbox features.

    The combat definitely does seem interesting. It caught my attention in the latest trailer as well.

    I am not the type of person that gets overhyped prematurely (unless it is a Blizzard product - haha), so that I will take the "wait and see" approach. However, I will definitely keep this game on my radar. So far, it seems to be more interesting than Neverwinter to me. The more sandboxy the game is gonna be, the more interested I will get.

    I would also like to see some more information regarding longevity / long term motivation, development, rewards for your character. It seems to be quite heavily focused on PvP which is fine. There was also mentioned that there will be PVE content, such as raids, so proly a gear progression as well (hopefully). Not that I wanted the game to be a treadmill, but the way e.g. GW 2 does it with the linear progression only does not work for me in an MMO.

    I am also interested in crafting in this game. The more depth, the better, for me. I find it positive that you can wear / equip anything you want. I doubt that we will be seeing many mages in heavy armor though. As far as I know, we will be able to distribute our stat points which is also positive, for me.

    The game has a tremendous potential to be a next big MMO. However, I do not believe that it will use all its potential and will end up being "ok". I would definitely prefer if the game succeeded since I can imagine myself finally leaving Azeroth for the world of Elder Scrolls. I am a fan of the series, especially the earlier ones - Dagerfall, Morrowind (Oblivion and Skyrim not so much).


  • HestiaHestia BadungPosts: 119Member
    Great source of information! Thanks a bunch. Even got me more excited about the game.
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