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How many computer servers, database servers, etc in MMORPG world

mikecacklemikecackle City, ILMember Posts: 151

Such as like a WoW world or similar.. how many actual physical servers makes up a world? specs not a concern, but was curious of the finincial issues that I have no experience in seeing...

Is there literally several database servers, game servers, instance servers all in a cluster for a singler world that supports like i guess 3000 (Can comment on how many supports if have any feedback as well) or so players?


  • anemoanemo Member Posts: 1,035 Uncommon

    Below is really scary guesstimations.
    If you don't know how much it costs you can't afford it. 

    Even though clock cycles and bandwidth is dirt cheap to run, the manpower is expensive and the killer of the project. .  Web content is pretty cheap compared to MMO content though since in web you're only worrying about delivering static text

    For instance I know that in 1.6Ghz my personal crap can test 60K collision points, in a field of 100 2D polygons(with further optimizations I could choose to do, currently aiming for less in a single player game so I can do "more stuff").  Which is reasonable since it does this in around 15MS, which is the step I choose for ticks.  

    Now I'll just be lazy and say we'll cull that down and say We'll go with an Amazon Medium instance , and go with 200 players on that server(at all times of day). 

    This will allow us to test 300 points on our poly field per player(players costing something like 5 points for themselves, attacks costing anywhere for 5-10, AI needing to test 40-100 points every 300MS or so, and losses for managing other things on the processor besides collision).   So we have a game populated with players, that can move pretty fast, and each player having 50 or so "mobiles"/AI/Whatever(including simple things like doors to bigger stuff like really really dumb monster AI).

    Pretty much we have about 2.2GHz across two cores, and almost 4GB of RAM.  For 23 cents an hour.   So we'll go with 31 day months and pay $171 every month.

    Bandwidth We'll assume 3Kb/second.   Which could be a little high/low depending.   So 200 people at that rate over a month comes to 1.6TB  for $192.


    Now if you want to Add more servers to this for getting more than 200 players, you're going to have to reduce the number of people on a server for the over head of the ability to move them between.   I know very little about this so I'll just put it down to 150 on a wild guess.   Meaning you'll need 20 of these up and running for your 3,000 player point.  


    ($171 + $192) * 20 = $7,260 a month.   Not bad for getting players to dedicate over 2 Million man hours a month.

    Now to consider scale a really lazy number I've learned from playing niche MMOs like wurmonline/Haven and Hearth and similar is that you can guess the player base total by X10 online people at peak hours.   So you have 30K people you need to try to find a way to earn money from.

    We'll go F2P and say you're earning $2 a player on average(probably on the high end).   So you have $60K, Which means you have around $20-30K to spend on hiring people after taxes, servers, legal.    Essentially you have the money to hire 3-8 people at $40K a year, and the $40K a year point doesn't hire you very skilled people.   Which is why the Modern Corporate MMO attempts to go very large or not at all.

    Practice doesn't make perfect, practice makes permanent.

    "At one point technology meant making tech that could get to the moon, now it means making tech that could get you a taxi."

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