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AA Features : Battle Pets

KumaponKumapon Posts: 896Member Uncommon

Been kinda slow around here, so I thought I should post some of the features on what AA has.

The original info was translated by Llexx from AA source, so the credit should go to him.


In ArcheAge Battle pets are refereed to as Attacking pets. Attacking pets are different from your Mount pets. While mount pets can attack enemies they just don't have the attacking power as the Battle pet has. So the Mount Pet is usually referred to as a Defensive pet.

Differences between a Mount pet and a Battle pet

Keeping the fact that all the usual mounts can be used as pets for attacking, but they are significantly weaker than the Battle Pets.

Some comparison:

-Mounts can be used as attacking pets too.
-Battle Pets cant be used as mounts.
-Both pet types have the same Character Screen and use the same equipment.
-Both pet types have the same basic controls (skills), while the active skills differ.
-Mounts can be obtained from a level 5 quest, Battle pets from a level 25 quest.
-Battle Pets started of as a level 25 pet with 2 active skill and 3 more to be unlocked.

Leveling the Battle Pet

Battle Pets have their own levels such as the Mounts, and in order to keep them gaining XP, they must be summoned while you are killing the mobs (they are not getting XP when the player turns in quests, nor from gathering or crafting), but you have to be careful and always keep an eye on them since they can die and thus lose XP. When your Battle Pet reaches a certain lvl it will unlock new abilities, this usually happens every 10 lvl's.

If your Battle pet dies you can temporary resurrect it but it will only have 1 Hp and it will run 30% slower. You will need to bring your pet to a Stable NPC and pay a fee to revive it. Keep in mind the world of AA is huge, so it could take a very long time trying to get to an Stable NPC. You can by items from the Stable NPC's to revive it while your out on your journeys but these items are not cheep.

Gearing Up the Battle Pets

Your Battle Pet will use the same UI as your mount. Where you can see your Battle Pets current equipment and stats such as: Experience, HP, MP, Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Speed...

Battle Pets also have 3 equipment slots (head, saddle, feet) which will increase its defense, HP, while leggings can give a movement speed bonus. Its possible to obtain these armors from the NPCs near the stable, or to craft them.

Raising a Battle Pet

When you get your little critter, you need to do a series of quests and gather items to raise him into a harden Battle pet ready for action.

Super fast video of rasing a Battle Pet

Battle Pet's abilities and Skill Bar

The Battle Pets basic control menu is similar to the Mounts menu (except the Mount/Dismount and the Eject Passenger buttons, which are missing):

Follow Mode: there are 4 options to chose from which to be the active one:
Aggressive - the mount will attack the enemy if its in close range,
Protective - the mount wont engage into combat before the player starts the fight,
Neutral - the mount wont attack the enemy no matter what,
Stay - the mount will stay put and wont follow you.
Battle Pet Information Window: this opens up the mounts character window.

De-summon Battle Pet: to unsummon the pet, useful command in case the pet is dropping health rapidly and its not in close range to see whats actually going on.

Active skills (bottom row):
The Battle Pet gets them randomly with some rules when the pet "grows up", the first skill is the same with every pet, but the other 4 are randomly given.

1. Skills available immediately when getting the pet

-Blow with his paw
-Treatment (treats himself)

2. Level 30 Battle Pet skills

-Buff skill (increases the pets attack speed by 30% for 7 seconds)
-Deceleration (when activated the wolf strikes and slows the target down for 4 seconds)

3. Level 40 Battle Pet skills

-Knockdown (deals damage and knocks down the target)
-Bleeding (deals damage and causes bleeding effect on target)

4. Level 50 Battle Pet skills

-Taunt (single target) - monster will attack the target instead of the player
-Mass Taunt (AOE)- monsters around the Battle Pet will attack it instead of the player

Battle Pet video


Original source from the Russian website

Translated by Llexx (AA fan) from AA source (He goes into much greater detail if your interested)

And picked up by Massivley

TL/DR version

Yes AA has a Pet system where you can raise pets and turn them into valuable allies !

What do you all think of the Battle Pets ?


  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAPosts: 1,585Member Uncommon
    sounds pretty weird.  not interested.
  • Kuro1nKuro1n GothenburgPosts: 775Member Uncommon

    Nice, more features! Also something that reminds me of Lineage 2 where you had to level your wolves and hatchlings in order to get striders and in later chronicles also great wolves. :D



  • ElderknightElderknight Slc, UTPosts: 174Member Uncommon

    This game is on my list, seems freaking awesome.

  • fenistilfenistil GliwicePosts: 3,005Member
    It is good that ArcheAge seem to have alot of small nice things to do :)
  • KarteliKarteli Providence, PAPosts: 2,646Member

    Hopefully this level of complexity and immersion via huge world will all go into the final retail version.  Knowing a specific audience is half the battle.

    XLGames would do true gamers & RP'ers a lot of good by not trying to attract the "everything now" crowd.

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  • ToxiaToxia Posts: 1,307Member Uncommon

    *Raises hand*


    is this a class mechanic or will every player be able to have a 'battle pet'


    i hate pet management and if everyone gets one, id be gimping myself by not having one :(

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  • toddzetoddze no where, OKPosts: 2,142Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Toxia
    *Raises hand*   is this a class mechanic or will every player be able to have a 'battle pet'   i hate pet management and if everyone gets one, id be gimping myself by not having one :(


    i may have missed something but i dont see anywhere it says class specific, therefore you have to maske an assumption that its not class specific.

    I like the idea of pets, but I also dont like the idea of gimping myself if I dont have one. Well I guess no matter what your gimping yourself if you do not have one. But as long as there no pressure from the community that you have to have one, then it will be fine. In order for that to happen there needs to be some mechanic to make battle pets not optimal in party play. 


    Disclaimer: I briefly skimmed over the battle pet post I may have missed some important information.

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  • LlexXLlexX SerbiaPosts: 199Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Toxia
    *Raises hand*   is this a class mechanic or will every player be able to have a 'battle pet'   i hate pet management and if everyone gets one, id be gimping myself by not having one :(

    Battle pets are for everyone, there is no pet class in AA.

    From a quest around level 25 everyone got a battle pet as a quest reward, for all races it was the same during CBT5 (the wolf). Also during the CBT5 phase there was only this wolf available, mainly for testing, however promised to be more of them when the game goes live, most likely different type of battle pets for each race, same way as with mounts.

  • NacarioNacario World Wide WebPosts: 215Member Uncommon
    I checked the vid with the pet battle system and I must say the player combat looks/felt great, especially for tab target. You could sorta feel how the sword hit he mob, the sound and collision, and the blood drained in the right direction with the sword.
  • Zarak11Zarak11 SPbPosts: 36Member Uncommon
    btw if u look at u can find much more about AA.
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