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why was my league thread deleted???

cartermaticcartermatic Temecula, CAMember Posts: 53
anyone know? mine was the League of Legends is like Coccaine. thread. and why was it deleted? any real reason?



  • Arcondo87Arcondo87 Prince Albert, SKMember Posts: 94
    cuz u angerd the gods of the forums... i learnt this months ago
  • muffins89muffins89 Yakima, WAMember Posts: 1,585 Uncommon
    im guessing the drug reference. 
  • cartermaticcartermatic Temecula, CAMember Posts: 53
    it took them 3 days to delete the thread? for the title? is that how often they check it?


  • AmanaAmana New York, NYModerator Posts: 3,912 Uncommon
    Your thread was not deleted, it was moved to the League of Legends forum.

    To give feedback on moderation, contact

  • volttvoltt Toronto, OntarioMember Posts: 288 Uncommon
    oh Burn!!
  • cartermaticcartermatic Temecula, CAMember Posts: 53

    but it was aboutme wanting to play a new game...? but ok. i can see the resemblence to league of legends i geuss



  • WoopinWoopin LeedsMember Posts: 1,007 Uncommon
    Why must you post in the wrong forums.


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