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Frozen Hell's Crossing competition

ThradokThradok St. James, MNPosts: 57Member
Hey all, we've started our 2nd competition. One of our testers ran accross a continent, and if you guess how long it took, you could win a nice 256GB SSD. Get the full info here.


  • DaveBelcherDaveBelcher CheltenhamPosts: 40Member

    Ever the wordsmith Thradok ;)


    A bit of fluff from the competition description:

    The Soa’din are hunting us. We should never have come.

    This land is a frozen hell, home to beasts more cunning than any man. A week we have wandered these wastes. How much longer until we reach Scourhame? We wade through snow, scrabble over ice-fields, trudge through forests where the sun never shines. And still our destination seems no closer. I am beginning to believe the Sevator shaman was lying.

    Duthek vanished in the night. His tent was empty, belongings gone. Surely he did not venture into the cold and dark of his own accord. Something lured him from the safety of our camp. It’s the only explanation. Only a madman would brave the elements alone, and Duthek was no madman. Something took him. I don’t know what it was. I don’t think I want to know.

    Now we are but three, and Scourhame remains distant. The shaman said we would reach it before both moons were full. Now they wane and still we wander the ice. How much further? How much longer in this frigid nightmare? If I make it back to Halfrost, I will find that shaman and stick his head on a pike. Damn the Sevatore and their faith in witchcraft.

    If I had known we would be this long in the wilderness, I would have argued against coming. Whatever secrets Scourhame holds, they cannot be worth this. And now the soa’din have our trail and their howls grow closer with each sunset.

    We should never have come.


    Its totally worth entering, I would love the prize for myself! With a bit of background reading and research, it should be quite easy to make an educated guess for the time taken for the run, and its totally worth a shot!


    Good luck any who enter :)

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