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AoA - Recruiting Survivors!

Geetings Survivors,

Army of Albion started life over 7 years ago and still to this day have many of the original founding members of the clan.
We are a dedicated group of gamers covering many games now making a home on War Z.
Although we play games competitively to an extent, our main aim is always to have fun.
We seek like minded individuals for a fun laid back experience in War Z.

If you are friendly, active and most importantly playing for fun then we'd love to hear from you!

• 18+ only
• Understand and speak English
• Have teamspeak installed
• Respect your fellow clan members

We will be doing various activities including hunting party's, bandit nights, building clan hq's and running private servers once they go live.

As mentioned we also play several other games and you are more than welcome to play with us.

Visit our website to apply:

For Albion!


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