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Help finding a game with a solid pet system

AreeAree Taft, CAPosts: 6Member Uncommon

Yea, been trying to find one for years. Closest I had come to was Rappelz. They leveled alongside you, had thier own skills that you picked and chose with the points they gained per level. Multiple pets with a variety of types who's builds could be picked and chosen by the player for versitilty. Sure there were favorite builds but playing it I made my own. I blew some minds when my Poultry kept stealing hate but had enough toughness in the build I had to tank successfully. Then.. rappelz fell to the dark side.


Now you can make them stronger, faster, with exotic colors and all you have ot do is butcher other pets that were 'tamed' as in accepting your desire have you fight with them only to have it's life cut short, betrayed to give your chosen pet a slight edge in power. Ugh. Havn't been back since, sick of those types.


Where can I find a pet system that has active pets with diverse skills, purpetual presence in the world, creates a solid impact in combat so you actually want the pet alive and kicking at your side. And absolutely not a butcher fest or cardboard cut and paste of one of the 4-5 main types of pet systems you can find in almost any game.


I've played most of the mainstream mmo's, quite a few of the small name'd barely known. I'm sure there are others, if you know of it, please point the way for me.



      The pet Fiend.


  • LarsaLarsa NurembergPosts: 990Member

    Have a look at Wurm if you never played it. 

    Perhaps read the Animal Taming section of the Wurm wiki found at and the section about Animal Husbandry at

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  • GeezerGamerGeezerGamer ChairPosts: 7,696Member Epic

    Are you looking for pet taming or pet summoning? Many MMOs have at least pet summoning. Personally, I love pet taming, although, Summoning isn't bad either.

    Game's I've played with pet systems. 

    Rappelz. Highly flawed due to RNG cash shop lottery ties, but if the system was to be incorporated into a different kind of MMO, It'd be the best pet system ever implemented in an MMORPG.

    WoW. Not a bad pet system. Broad choice of pets to tame with different roles and functions. I have always enjoyed the Hunter class.

    Rift. Every class has a pet option. They aren't tamed, they are summoned and standard for the class, but the pet system otherwise functions just like what you'd find in WoW. 

    Anarchy Online: Very unique approach. Bureaucrat: One of the best pet classes in any MMO ever. You have one permanent summoned pet. then you have 2 charms. One is a long term charm another is a short duration charm. When the charms expire, you have to re chamr them or you end up with an even bigger problem. LOL. The Metaphysicist uses 3 summoned pets. One does CC, one does healing and one does DPS. Really fun. Then the Engineer uses summoned Bots for pets they can tank and DPS but it's tricky because they don't hold agro as well as you'd like.

    Perfect World. Think Hunter from WoW. Very similar in overall playstyle.

    GW2: ranger class. Again, Tame many pets from the game for custom playstyles.

    I could probably dig up others but those came to mind 1st

  • darkheart84darkheart84 Posts: 84Member Uncommon

    Yeah it's a shame about Rappelz, their pet system was supposedly unrivaled.


    I have played RIFT, so I wouldn't say their pet system is the way to go. Those pets never really amount to much, even when you go full ranger. I heard Dragon's Prophet has dragon taming as one of its main features, might want to look into that.

  • ErgloadErgload GV, OHPosts: 433Member Uncommon

    Imperian has a good pet system that lets you tame wild animals to fight for you. You can also train a pet dog to generate gold for you when you're not logged in, you train it to kill rats and then you sell the rat corpses to a vendor when you log in.

    Torchlight has pets you can train/equip to help you in battle.

    Dungeon Siege 2 is another Diablo clone that also has pets you can train/equip.

    Achaea has the Occultist and Sentinel classes which specialize in summoning a bunch of pets. The Occultists summon chaotic entities, while the Sentinels summon forest animals.

  • AreeAree Taft, CAPosts: 6Member Uncommon
    Thanks for the replies. Still looking though.
  • LisaFlexy22LisaFlexy22 mesa, AZPosts: 445Member Uncommon
    look into Jade Dynasty - I think that was the name.  A Perfect World mmo that was majorly focused on pets.  Also the new one from Aeria Aura Kingdom
  • cataphrachtcataphracht londonPosts: 50Member

    I would say EQ2 Beastlord has a good pet system for an mmorpg. You tame which animal type you want, leveling up aspect is extensive and they are also crucial to combat for the class.

    Another interesting summoner system is Vanguard's Necro you give the pet new abilities & weapons by harvesting the dead for graph's. 

    SW:TOR has a good companion system in place, not quite a pet but similar functions.

    EQ2 Beastlord - I'd recommend this if you want to take control of a pet tamer.

    Vanguard - I wouldn't recommend as it's closing down in a few months.

    SW:TOR - I'd recommend if you want to interact with your companion and you can craft for them, gear em up & gain affection

  • anothernameanothername CityPosts: 156Member Uncommon

    Even if I would not refer to them as pets, technically spoken I have been told so they are: The bridge officers in Star Trek Online. They have classes, skills that you can change, can be visually customized nearly as much as the playerchar, equipped with all kind of gear & are quite essential in most gameplay (being your squad in many away team ground missions and lending their skills to your spaceship).

    You don't have to do much in the taming department (not that I would mind trying to tame a... but better switch subject here :D )

  • SomeHumanSomeHuman Austin, TXPosts: 493Member Uncommon

    Dragon's Prophet - It has an extensive pet system.  Each dragon, even within the same species, has different stats.  Tame-able, train-able over time, stables, collect them (I think there are hundreds).  It's worth finding a video on it at least or checking out their site.

    I played through beta but lost interest.

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  • TygranirTygranir Colordo Springs, COPosts: 741Member
    Originally posted by SomeHuman
    Dragon's Prophet - It has an extensive pet system.  Each dragon, even within the same species, has different stats.  Tame-able, train-able over time, stables, collect them (I think there are hundreds).  It's worth finding a video on it at least or checking out their site. I played through beta but lost interest.

    Dragon's Prophet is fun, but still a rough game. To those that have fun with it, they stick with it. I'd say give it a shot and see if it grows on you.

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  • AreeAree Taft, CAPosts: 6Member Uncommon

    Jade Dynasty: Gonna check it out

    Aura Kingdom: They spoke of varied choices. However most of the future adds they plan to put into play are reskinned old ones. Plus the pets themselves were cadboard cutouts. Every Alessa the same as every other Alessa.

    SW:TOR: Not really interested in human companions. If I want some I'll head outside and talk to my own. =p

    EQ2 Beastlord: They varried but they were addons. I want stand alone pets with their own skills and abilities.

    Vanguard: Tried that out multiple times. The fact I could graft things onto the undead monstrocity was neat. Gave me some control over it. But like you said, they're closing down soon.

    Star Trek Online: Just.. no.  Pets or Summons, not people.

    Dragon's Prophet: RNG and a new gaming company. What you got was completely in chance, what skills it learned also chance with when it learned it. Highly money mongering with the cash shop, NA version at least. However when the update for it started making my computer BSD I deleted it. It has potential... however with the current way of growth they advertise that potential is gonna go to waste. (Closed Beta Tester)



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