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Looking for a fantasy siege style game

reid424reid424 Tokyo, JapanPosts: 522Member Uncommon
Hello everyone over the years and maturing into adulthood my gaming habits have drifted from hardcore to active to casual. I'm looking for a MMO that has siege PvP similar to DAoC and WAR. I've tried GW2 and while its free and a good game its not truly my cup of tea for my own reasons. I also truly don't want a super grind unless its similar to that of WAR and DAoC were I can get siege warfare out of the game while I progress. While I feel t his is a daunting thing to ask I'm asking it. Are there any games indie or not that I should look into; or if anyone can give me a population and activity of DAoC or WAR. I'm assuming WAR is mainly top tier with a dwindling population between T1-T4, and DAoC is standing strong with its hardcore players. Thank you in advance.

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