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Unplayable for me at the present time

I logged in today dunno what happened I could see the feint outline of trees but what it mostly looked like was sky superimposed over it so essentially you couldn't see a thing . I could hear several zombies and from the red out line in my beautiful view of the sky ( and very little else ) I knew I was being attacked but there nothing I could do about it apart from run around in the clouds covering my screen . Needless to say I assume the Zombies got me as they must have far better sky vision than I do   . I have a Radeon 6800 series HD card if anyone can make any recomendations about how i can resolve this issue it would be much appreciated . It drivers are all upto date . I've tried messing around with the settings in the game options as well . I'm wondering if certian Radeon cards arnt supported yet .
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