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Spawn Killing

RenoakuRenoaku Posts: 1,420Member Uncommon

I can't discuss the actual game here, however I can post links to their offical forums here which are public for everyone to see. This is a big issue. Other issues obviously in game.

The third issue not directly related to this game and has nothing to do with this game, but you can also find it using google search. Hacking,  I have already seen Aimbotters, and MultiHack Tools for this game being used. I just pray they take care of it because well I can't share opinons but the game has potential, and from what I hear is going to Beta soon.

In general what I do not understand about game companies like this is why they put a NDA on a game but don't make a person sign an agreement when it simply costs $15 to get into the game it isn't like its a secret.  The problem with Alpha or Beta tests like this is Hackers and companies develop hacks while its still in testing and as soon  as its released hacks are already out ive seen it happen to a lot of games.

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