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My mmo list. What is yours ?

delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,644Member Rare

WoW- My first love. Now made way too easy, leveling is so fast you can't make any friends. That friend you made at level 24 is now level 52, all because you had to go to work for eight hours and he out leveled you.

Vanguard, EQ2, D&D Online,LOTRO- All went F2P and are crap.  Making friends ?....Can't. Who has what?  Who is paying for stuff and who is gimped trying to play totally free.......When they put icons above players heads telling us who is totally free and who is paying for stuff I may go back.

Rift- In some ways it's a good game, but in some cases it's hard to call it an mmo, with it's carrot on a stick game play.  Moving from quest hub to quest hub, it's hard to be in sync with friends.  Many just give up and play solo, soon to stop playing and could never figure out whats wrong.

GuildWars 2- Same as Rift, in some ways it's a good game, but it's quest hub to quest hub.  Way too fast in leveling like WoW. For re-playability, I would recommend playing each class one at a time.  If you play each class to level 15 you will get sick of the game too fast.

DAOC- Old school, Graphics got better, but this mmo shows it's age.  Maps and interface needs to be re-done.

UO- This is a trick, right ?....Now I don't mind 2D games, They say this mmo is deep and I'm sure it is.  But the interface is soooo bad that I had to dump it after three hours. Yet they charge too much...Fix your game !

FF11- Try playing this game on a PC for a few hours.  This mmo will make you stick your head in a microwave on high for 30 seconds. ( I would recommend over riding the door safety switch to make this work ).  Players say its a great game.  I'm sure it is, but you better have a high level of endurance to figure out the interface.

Warhammer- Everyone knows this mmo was a big disappointment.  Now what's funny about this is many never really gave a good reason as to why other than boring classes.  But I really know why!...Everyone was expecting large scale WvW.  But they gave all exp. to scenarios ( mini game PvP ).  Everyone played scenarios leaving WvW and Open world abandoned. Developers could never overcome the bandwidth.

SWTOR- Lets watch movies instead of playing an mmo.

EVE- Too hard for me !.....Black screen with little dots for planets and space ships.  Good mmo if your an Accountant.


Well, this is my list.  My over all view, things are not good for my mom play time.  I'm out of town right now, when I come home I'll play more GW2 or try a Vanilla WoW free server or just give up for now.


"Hay"....Instead of bashing my opinion, why not give your list and feelings ?


  • ZylaxxZylaxx Erlanger, KYPosts: 2,574Member

    I have played jsut about every MMO but the only ones worth mentioning are:


    Asherons Call:  My first and true love, a sub to this day and the game I base all others on.  It has shitty melee combat but I still love it for its depth and crazy insane leveling time.  Its not uncommon for players to take years to reach level cap.  A spell system, class system, loot system and questing system unlike any other.


    WoW:  Vanilla thru WotLK, great production quality but 3 years after I left I now know because of its success it has single handidly destroyed any sense of innovation the MMO genre as every game company it seems is trying to replicate its success due to greed.


    DAoC:  Loved the classes (Friar, SMite Cleric, Thane, Champion and Skald)  Destroyed by PvE with Trials of Atlantis expansion.  Simply an amazing siege PvP game.


    GW2: quite literally the best MMO I have ever played, it has everything love and want in a game and will def be playing for years to come.

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    Best MMO of all time: Asheron's Call - The first company to recreate AC will be the next greatest MMO.


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