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Possible to create a successful side-scroller?

GemmaGemma Omaha, NEMember Posts: 337 Uncommon

It seems like Maple Story dominates the side-scroller market right now. I know there are a few other knock offs, but they aren't nearly as successful as I'd consider MS to be. I've tossed around the idea of starting a project like this and just wanted to get some input. 

Would you guys consider this market to be tapped? A hidden gem? A lost cause?

Why isn't anyone else targetting this market?

What would it take to make a game like this that could compete with a game like Maple Story?


I'm interested to hear all of your opinions image


  • aphydorkaphydork Boring, ORMember Posts: 133

    MapleStory is to 2D side-scrolling MMOS what WoW is to 3D MMOs.

    It was released at the right time when there were not a lot of MMOs, especially F2P MMOs that targetted kids. Now, there are a lot of F2P MMOs for players to choose from.

    As for 2D side-scrollers, there were and still are quite a few that simply could not compete. Some did okay, though. Part of what made MapleStory successful is that it already had a large playerbase for people to join. MapleStory was claiming millions of players and had an aggressive advertising campaign from very early on.

    So if you choose to release one, it will be incredibly difficult to compete.

    - multiple classes with interesting gameplay that's balanced

    - extremely large world from the start

    - lots of variation in monsters

    - not too much grind, because MapleStory has cut down on grind just like WoW as it expanded

    - aggressive advertising to get new players, though many MMOs nowadays can be seen everywhere, so it's less effective

    - constant updates

    - constant updates

    - constant updates

    It's possible, but be prepared to do a lot of work. Tearing people away from MapleStory and all the F2P MMOs as well as B2P MMOs is not a task to be take lightly.

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