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Any Contestants Receive Message Yet?

JakeSimJakeSim Franklin, MAPosts: 749Member Uncommon
Hey all! I'm just wondering if any of the contestants for the recent contest on this site have been contacted yet. If so it will help me to stop constantly checking my messages haha. :P
I got addicted to streaming. You can check it out by searching "JakeSimTV". I'd post a link but it shows my channel embedded.


  • McLovin911McLovin911 Vail, AZPosts: 3Member
    LOL... I would love to know too! I was basically doing the same thing you were, but then got sick of that and figured that if they didn't send me a message by now I probably didn't win... which is sad because I am totally excited about this game and have been waiting for it to develop to a point where it is playable and I now it is and I can't... lol... i guess I'm just practicing patience...
  • MirathelMirathel Posts: 137Member Uncommon
    i constantly check to lol! i figured since i was the only daredevil fan they would pity me by giving me a key LOL
  • SuperWGSuperWG Ewing, NJPosts: 3Member

    Yea I was checking because I thought my response would have a good chance at being in the top 10. they probably already picked the winners and PM'ed them their keys and said something like, "Do not share with other contestants that you have the key" Dissappointing. 

    By the way, I'm pretty sure I saw at least two daredevil choosers.

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