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[General Article] World of Tanks: The Best Update Yet

SBFordSBFord Associate Editor - News ManagerThe CitadelPosts: 22,963MMORPG.COM Staff Epic

World of Tanks has been undergoing some renovation lately, no moreso than in the v8.0 patch that launched recently. Today we take a look at the latest update and support our contention that it is "the best update yet". See why and then let us know what you think in the comments.

Let's be totally frank, I suck the big one at World of Tanks. I'm not just bad, I'm an embarrassment. After each match, I feel like I have to make a heartfelt apology to my team, blame my upbringing, and excuse the rest of my countrymen. I'm that bad. Years of Counter-Strike has left me unable to engage with anything other than AWPs and knife fights. Show me a vehicle and I'll kick out violently, splutter like Hugh Grant, and "gosh" my way to the "Exit Match" sign. It's not a stereotype, we English are like that.

Read more of Adam Tingle's World of Tanks: The Best Update Yet.



  • hardiconhardicon jackson, MSPosts: 358Member
    agreed.  8.0 made the game so much better.  in the two years ive been playing this game has changed so much and just keeps getting better.  even won best mmo this year from golden joystick. 
  • bbbb42bbbb42 none, FLPosts: 297Member Uncommon
    u did nothing to describ ethe update in your opening bit thus i wont read it

  • LanfeaLanfea EssenPosts: 222Member Uncommon
    i agree with you, adam, that the recent updates are a huge improvement to this game, but its still my opinion that world of tanks is the finest example of 'how to make a unbalanced game even more unbalanced with a pay to win cash shop'.
  • tachgbtachgb SheffieldPosts: 791Member Uncommon
    Nice little article, the opening made me chuckle. I came back to 8.0 after a years break in preperation for 8.1 and I have to say 8.0 looks and feels very nice. WoT keeps on improving in my eyes, brilliant game.
  • RykerRyker louisville, KYPosts: 207Member Uncommon
    Since they removed the majority of the maps the game really is starting to suck. Playing the same several maps over and over makes you not want to even sign on. Maybe this patch will help.
  • ghettocelebghettoceleb brush prairie, WAPosts: 87Member Uncommon
    Thanxs for a laugh. World of Tanks can be fun or frustrating. This game isn't for all. Some will hate on Tanks, but not I.  Some will say this isn't a MMO, but it doesn't change the massive amount of multiplayer action going on with this Title.
  • ReesRacerReesRacer Wellington, NZPosts: 168Member Uncommon

    8.1 (in November) will bring even more changes with the British tank tree, and for all those pay-to-win arguments, the removal of the all-hallowed "gold" ammunition from the exclusivity of cash shop only. anyone will be able to use earned in-game credits to puchase this ammo (which was rarely used except in tournament play). as usual, the premium tanks (yes, i do own some) available for purchase are never quite as capable as their earned counterparts in any tier, but do provide more income. no more will anyone be able to claim an advantage on the field based on the size of their bank account....they just might be able to reach the end game a bit faster. 

    and as for maps, there are currently 33 maps, and some that were removed for balance are being re-introduced.

  • bronecarbronecar onestiPosts: 685Member
    Hm, are you sure there are 33 maps?
  • Hekate27Hekate27 LondonPosts: 47Member
    Adam should you want to get some practice, I am sure the Clan I am in could make a place for you, We are Britannia part of the Racing Green Alliance.  As you can probably surmise we are a primarily British clan so no timezone issues or language problems.  As is our won't we seem spectacularly unsuccessful at taking land in Clan Wars, but it does not put us off going back again and again. 

    Do what thou wilt, and harm ye none. - Witches Rede

  • OzmodanOzmodan Hilliard, OHPosts: 8,156Member Rare

    yep, the improvements help the game a lot.  I still had to chuckle about this comment though:

    " (which was rarely used except in tournament play)"    

    That was in reference to gold ammo.  Either I seem to attract all the gold ammo users in any game I play or that comment is ludicrous.

  • ReesRacerReesRacer Wellington, NZPosts: 168Member Uncommon

    @broncar -- yes, 33 maps, 3 of which are undergoing re-balancing (Dragon Ridge, Swamp, and Komarin) and re-introduction based on testing. the Province map is only used in low-tier matches, however. in fact, when you first get started (tiers I-II), you only have access to  Himmelsdorf, Mines, and Malinovka (and Province). this way you can learn the ropes before embarking on more tactical considerations. check the WoT Wiki for a full list.

    @Ozmodan -- sorry you feel like a gold ammo magnet, but unless you know all the pen values of every gun and weak spots on every square inch of armor you drive, then that statement can not be taken seriously. even a light tank can pen a tier X with standard ammo if aimed carefully enough. there are enough skilled drivers to hit exactly where they aim. the point of my statement was this ammo will be avaialble to EVERYONE, whether they spend real money or not. 

    as said previously, this game may not be for everyone, but it is free and fair while you learn to play and decide whether you would like to invest any money in it. i'm not sure what else you could ask for that isn't unreasonable. 

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