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LF good healing class mmo

JayzaJayza aucklandPosts: 9Member Uncommon
I enjoy healing in games what are some good mmos with decent healing class.


  • bulwarkcocobulwarkcoco Stilesville, INPosts: 3Member Uncommon

    My FAVORITE game to heal in was probably Fallen Earth.   just because you don't plainly pick healer.

    You have to build into it, get the right points, then learn the spells, and it's even more fun in PvP because it's not SWING AND HIT.

     you have to aim your attacks, so you never know who is going to get hit.


    Eden Eternal is okay, but most classes just completely dominate everything.  + it's basicly just APPLY HoT WIN.


    if i think of any other good ones i'll tell you, it's really late and i'm kind of dehyderated.


  • gordiflugordiflu BarcelonaPosts: 757Member Uncommon

    I had plenty of fun healing in CO. You had to be very fast and healing agro was evil. The game doesn't have much content and it's getting "koreanized" lately, but since it's F2P you can just try it out. Combat system is very good.

    I also think VG has some awesome healing classes. The game has more players lately, but it still feels a bit empty (another reason for it is the massive size of the world), so look for a guild. It has also gone F2P recently so you can try it out. All the four healers have some hybrid feeling to it, and they are all pretty unique.

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