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Tell us your MMO gaming life journey

chryseschryses LondonPosts: 1,453Member Uncommon

Been thinking about all the MMO's I have played, some of the massive highlights and also some of the low lights.  I think I started this thread as a means of therapy!

My ten years playing MMO in chronological order.

Started 2002
Earth and Beyond (4 months - hold fond memories)
Jumpgate (6 months - had some epic battles)
Neocron (4 months - had some great moments)
EvE Online (6 years - 6 years enough said)
Vanguard (6 months - crafting kept me going 6 months, haven't seen anything like it since)
Lord of the Rings (4 months - fun but kinda ho hum)
Pirates of the Carribean (2 months - was excited for 2 weeks but had major flaws)
Age of Conan (12 months - post launch found solid game with great environments and pvp)
Warhammer (3 weeks - couldn't believe the level of hatred and dissapointment I had for this)
Star Trek Online (1 month - recently downloaded is ok for free.  Gutted about lack of open space)
Fallen Earth (12 months - open world, massive crafting, post apoc. Loved it but needed polish)
Star Wars Online (1.5 months - Buzzed for 1 week then felt like crying)
Guild Wars 2 (still playing from launch - loving it right now and having some great moments)

Top 3
EvE Online
Fallen Earth
Vanguard / Age of Conan (different reasons)

E&B, Jumpgate and Neocron all come with fond memories.

I have left Guild Wars 2 out of the list as I am really enjoying it but think its unfair to rate right now.

Currently watching progress on the new Darkfall.


  • rungardrungard st. john''s, NFPosts: 1,035Member

    lets see if i can remember.....

    EQ launch  up to just before luclin (~2 years) great game.

    AO a few months at launch. Couldnt get into it.

    DAOC Launch up to just before TOA (~2 years). Great game

    EQ 2 a few months at launch. Game just want very good. Should of been much better.

    WOW launch to about a year. Great game, quit when it became a raid fest.

    LOTRO a few months at launch. Was tired of endgame raiding didnt really give it much of a chance.

    WAR a few months at launch. WTF happened here!!!

    5 years or so i didnt play any mmo's.

    RIFT  1 day. Looked like the same old same old.

    GW2 launch  to now. Its a good game, but i think i need a full revolution.


    ill be quite honest, nothing has really changed much since eq. bait and switch over and over again. I guess its a good thing mmo developers arent in charge of any technology we actually need . Wed never get it.






  • chryseschryses LondonPosts: 1,453Member Uncommon

    I forgot about EQ, will be watching.

    Seriously laughed at your WAR comment.  I think I spent my first 2 weeks just muttering no,no,no,no,no.....still have trouble even looking at the games box.

     I would be more than happy with a Vanguard done really well with GW2 combat

  • xaritscinxaritscin CaliPosts: 350Member Uncommon

    hmmm let me see: (not in chronological order unfortunately i cant remember)

    1. WoW (WoTLK was a pain in the ass for leveling, Cata was softer)

    2. Lineage II (couldnt take the grind for loot, leveling and crafting materials)

    3. Luna Online (morbidly kawai)

    4. Aion (it looked nice until i saw it had instanced zones and i couldnt  fly everywhere)

    5. ARGO (i expected more of this one)

    6. Perfect World (it was shit)

    7. EVE Online (I LOVE IT!, if only i could pay the sub, i have to keep jumping from trial to trial and had two 1 month accounts, if i can get a job i would play it subbed, expect to hear the 15 dollars excuse, but guys, i dont live in USA)

    8. Shores of Hazeron (i like it so far, dunno but recently i've gotten some interest in indie projects, this one es pretty nice taking in account that it's a one man project. the only issue right now is some crashes but i have an stable empire, and expecting to get to  good technology level in order to fly to another solar system).

    well, that's my story, im looking forward to titles like Archeage (if it comes F2P), The Repopulation, basically im the Sandboxy player(to be honest i expect a virtual universe, not a game).

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