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Question for CoH thread users

IndytateIndytate CaistorPosts: 1Member

Hey guys, 

I'm an anthropology student studying digital communities. I played CoH a couple of years ago on a trial, but sadly didn't have the time to commit to playing properly, now that I do, it really sucks that it's closing. 

I would have prefered to meet people in game to get a better feel for the community dynamic, and the game generally, but I do have a question for everyone. 

Are there any of the supergroups that are friends out of game as well as in, and has anyone moved to other games as a group?

It would be great to talk to anyone who is interested or willing to talk to me generally. If nothing else hopefully some of the responses might be good for NCsoft to see that their move in a different direction is a bit more significant to the players than just having something to do.





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