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Divine Space - Sci-fi 3D Space Adventure

KassinaKassina Blue Planet Called EarthPosts: 29Member Uncommon

Hi guys, well ive found this game and look interesting and i did not saw any info/topics regarding this game :)

Divine Space is a 3D  space adventure/quest ARPG in hard sci-fi genre, with third person view and free camera, real-time combat and click-n-go controls. Divine Space – a resurrection of the old sci-fi space game theme on the newest technologies available.

Game combines the adventure spirit of such splendid games as Star Control and Homeworld, casualness of Space Rangers and Dark Orbit, and beauty of Eve.

The main goal of the creators of Divine Space was to make an interesting game with the beautiful universe and gripping gameplay, easy even for children.

All these ideas were completely embodied: the game turned out fascinating, atmospheric, and intuitive.

It requires no special skills to play.To us, ‘Divine Space’ is not simply one more space game which you may play and forget after a while.

This is actually a first-rate science fiction on the basis of the real world we live in.

This is a game about us, about our probable future, and about what is very likely to happen after the beginning of space travels.

We look forward and ask a question: “What will mankind become on the expiration of several centuries?” It may sound a trite but this is a game of choice which you are going to make so that you could answer definitely what is good and what is evil.

Is this so unambiguous as may seem? Creating ‘Divine Space’ we create a game with sense. For more and full info please visit the official site.

Official Site:




This game sounds interesting and for sure ill keep eye in it :)


  • KassinaKassina Blue Planet Called EarthPosts: 29Member Uncommon


  • KassinaKassina Blue Planet Called EarthPosts: 29Member Uncommon

    I just added new Video and some picture of this game in first post and second post, and includes alot more details & info about this new 3D space adventure/quest ARPG in hard sci-fi game coming out soon :)

    Enjoy guys :)

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