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LF game to play with friends

seigardseigard Posts: 285Member Uncommon

Hey all, so me and my friends are looking for an mmo that has these

-rewarding pvp or at least a reason to play pvp

- stuff to do with friends like arenas, pvp groups or dungeons

-graphs that could work on laptop, not too sucks not too amazing

-has fun skills

-not wow

That's all, I would have went for guild wars 2 right away but the thing is my friend got a sucky comp and he cant even run league of legends on high, so I think he could play stuff like warhammer type of graphs

any suggetion would be great


  • KeanNKeanN BergnundPosts: 16Member Uncommon

    Dont realy have a mmo for you

    however i will list a couple of hilarious games i play atm, due to burnout from mmos


    Natural Seletion 2

    - Aliens vs Marines fps / startegy

     Orc must die 2

    - 3d tf game

    Chivalry medieval warfare

    - just a awsome skill based combat system

    War Z

    - Post apocalyptic war game with perma death / zombies (Most players shoot you on sight)

    Borderlands 2

    - fps, lots of guns!!

    Just awsome games to play co-op :)



  • ThorkuneThorkune Eastern, KYPosts: 1,925Member Uncommon
    Rift is playing fine on my laptop and it has those things that you are looking for.
  • EntinerintEntinerint brooklyn, NYPosts: 868Member Uncommon
    Darkfall: UW has all that except arenas (although you can start your own if you like).  Launches on the 20th.
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