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From the eyes of a Collector and former fan of Diablo's Universe

ZemardZemard Laval, QCPosts: 7Member

Hi there,

Diablo (aside from solo playing games such as Baldur's Gate) was my first multiplayer game and I enjoyed playing it in LAN with a few friends. I spent a few years persistently playing Diablo II, since the updates were making major changes to it and the experience was renewed, keeping the same flavor and (obviously) keeping the same art and environment.

At first, I bought Diablo 3 for the Collector Edition... the Artbook and all the magical items coming along with it. Somehow, I was very satisfied by those gift : "Now that IS a Collector's Edition!"

I played Diablo 3 on solo and multiplayer. I enjoyed both. I just felt that the higher difficulties did not bring more to the flavors of the realm.

In another range, I am looking forward to the changes that will be done to the game throughtout updates, I hope all will come out for the best!

Trully yours,


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