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Newbie With Some Questions

Hey guys, I am interested in playing the reboot of FF14 with a few friends. However I know nothing about this game and the site for it seems a So I was hoping someone could help me with some answers!



First off, is it necessary to have a game license for FF14 to post on their forums? When I try to login it says no active service account, I assume that means I need a sub to talk on there? If so, is there a reputable fansite I can use besides these forums? If not, what am I derping?

Okay so my first questions is what will this game be, based on available info? I have heard it is being remade into more of a standard MMO with the combat (which I am fine with) but what is different from other games besides the FF flair? Doesn't have to be the most impressive features EVAR I just want to know what is different from say, WoW. (Game I have most experience on.)

What is the schedule for this game, if it's known? I have seen talk that the Alpha starts on Nov 1st. How does one get into the Alpha and Beta, if they're open.

I've also seen that if you have a Sub to FF14 when it reboots, you get some perks. Can anyone ellaborate on that? Is it also true that the cheap keys you can get online will work for the reboot?

Is there anything else to know about the game? Give me all the info you'd like, I am curious about this title.



Thanks guys!


  • ValarienceValarience New York, NYPosts: 25Member Uncommon

    Hi Emojoe! Hopefully I can answer some of your questions.

    You do need an account (active or not? I'm not sure, but definitely an account!) to be able to post on the official forums. Some other fansites you could look into are GamerEscape and ZAM, but I'm not sure how much regular activity either one sees these days. Still, as interest in ARR starts ramping up and people are less inclined to log into the game due to character data no longer carrying over after the 1st, we should see these fansites picking up activity again. Of course if RP interests you, we're slowly building up FFXIV-RP as well. ;)

    As for what the game will be, it's still a bit hard to say. The FF MMOs have had a fairly good storytelling aspect, which often involves a lot of group battles so they don't feel like the solo-heavy experiences of SWTOR or TSW. We'll see the game transition more towards questing a la WoW, but I'd put good money on seeing a number of non-combat / social features (the game already has some strong crafting/harvesting, and is due to get housing, chocobo raising, and a casino) as well as alternative battle content aside from just new tiers of dungeons and raiding. Examples of this might be the primals as competitive guild content, or hamlet defense which is supposedly due to become something of a dynamic open-world event. Overall a good starting point would be some of the .pdfs from the original 2.0 announcement.

    Couldn't say much for the schedule, but I think seeing ARR launch before spring of 2013 would be hopeful, as they'll have to get through both alpha and beta.

    As for sub bonuses and getting a CD key now, it isn't possible to register or subscribe anymore, as they're doing the final save in just a couple of weeks. It might still be possible that a CD key purchased on the cheap right now would work for ARR, but that isn't definitive.

    Hope that helps, feel free to ask any more questions!

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