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Xsyon free trial server is now up

DrevarDrevar College Station, TXPosts: 171Member Uncommon

Official announcement on the Xsyon forum:

October 17 2012

Hello Xsyon Citizens!

The Trial Server is now open to the public!

All players with a forum account can log in to the Trial Server through the Xsyon Launcher and enjoy free play time. The Trial Server data will reset every Monday.

We've also updated our launcher and maintenance schedule. Maintenance will run Mondays and Fridays from 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM PST.

Please feel free to spread the word about Free Trials if you have friends that would like to experience Xsyon.



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  • Pale_FirePale_Fire San Antonio, TXPosts: 360Member Uncommon
    I will try it out.
  • nkitznkitz Crossville, TNPosts: 69Member

    No credit card required.

    Use the link to make an account..

    After you get your email you follow the link and download the game in the box on the bottom right kind of.

    Free Trial
    Play for Free on the Trial Server
    1) Download and Install Xsyon
    2) Patch through the Launcher
    3) Select Trial Server

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