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What has changed?

HellSingsHellSings Toronto, ONPosts: 185Member

Where can I find the patch notes for all the changes implemented in FF14 A Realm Reborn?

Played this game last year and quit, just curious.


  • JojinJojin Jacksonville, FLPosts: 120Member Uncommon

    FFXIV ARR is still undergoing changes and will go through alpha and beta before release.  There are so many changes that there isn't really one set list, in addition more things are still being transitioned.

    I would suggest checking out the Letters from the Producers, especially the couple of 1.5 hour long live letters to get a better sense of what is coming.

  • diablos_demidiablos_demi mesa, AZPosts: 2Member
    Hmmm I may have to give this guy another chance
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