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Quick link suggestion for game list

Crunchy222Crunchy222 new york, ILPosts: 386Member

So theres an easy way for people to see a list of beta games, games in development, canceled games, browser games, free games...the only list i can make with client based mmorpgs is to have to wade through all the games and click on each one to see if its a client based game, let alone if its actually a MMO, and then i have to figure out if its not only a MMO and client based, but also an RPG.


Basically...i want a button to cut out everything that isnt a client based mmorpg on a site called  I shouldnt even have to say client based since browser games are never massive.


So how about it? Next to free games or next to beta games put a link to client mmorpg's?  I really dont get why its so easy to brows everything but the type of game this site is named for.

Too hard to keep track of new games with all the non mmorpgs cluttering the list.


Would this be a difficult thing to impliment?  I mean even if you put it in the custom list field that would be nice.  Just want an easy way to keep tabs on new and upcomming client based mmorpgs, something this site use to be king of.


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