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Endgame for me?

ThelowThelow valkeakoskiPosts: 149Member

After doing ascalonian catacombs first time today I started thinking how is endgame going to be. It took quite long to run whole dungeon, in that time doing events and quests or what they are called, hearth mark anyway would be more rewarding. After 30min dungeon started to feel really boring. Killing elite mob after elite mob, then resurrecting friend, then little more lasting boss... Yeah idea is same is WoW but I quite like them more. Hope rest of the dungeons will be -not so dull-

And then there is structured PvP. Its fun, but without proper rewards whats the point?

WvWvW is fun (when you get in after queueing 1 hour), there you get some rewards that progress your character. (Thought I dont know what, just have heard)

Afterall I have enjoyed leveling my character, its something little different than in orther MMO's, but someday I will reach 80lvl and endgame begins.

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  • Gaia_HunterGaia_Hunter BristolPosts: 3,033Member Uncommon

    You do the same in PvE as you do in other games:

    Farm items, farm achievements, level alts and collect vanity stuff like mini pets and dyes.

    The difference is simply on how it is structured.

    GW2 gives you all the tools by level 80 and you can pursue them on your own time.

    In other games the items are also a tool to get other items and they keep getting obsolete.

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  • DMKanoDMKano Gamercentral, AKPosts: 14,968Member Legendary

    I hit 80 with my regular group within the first 2 weeks after release - we ran all the dungeons (exploration mode) and got them all on farm status. Once you run them a few times with a regular group you'll see how incredibly easy they all are.

    havent run a single dungeon in about  3 weeks now as we've all moved on and I only occasionally play my alt which is already at lvl 70 - once I hit 80 I doubt that I will level another alt.

  • ThelowThelow valkeakoskiPosts: 149Member

    Is there much PvP content at lvl 80?

    I just cant stand those dungeons they are so boring.. 

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