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LFG not casual.

XoshuaXoshua St. Catharines, ONPosts: 127Member

First, MMORPG's cannot be "casual."  Casual is what killed this genre.  I'm not looking to spend an hour a week on a game, I'm looking to spend hours per day.  I'm into fantasy type MMO's like EQ1,2, FFXI etc.  This is what real MMO's are.  Off my rant.

I need a game that has decent community.  A friend and I are looking for a time spender we can interact in, play with others, make a guild, raid, build houses if possible.  If building houses isn't in, atleast decorate a house.

FFXI abysea killed it for me.  FFXIV reborn looks good but I crave something new.  EQ1 or 2, or even 3 if it were out.  Something with a playerbase, something hard, something fantasy.

Time to fix this genre.


  • GoldenArrowGoldenArrow Posts: 1,185Member Uncommon

    FFXIV: ARR is the way to go.

    Western MMORPG developers go with marketing values and are afraid to create anything that doesn't appeal to the casual masses. Especially with TSW sales being so low there won't be coming any western MMORPGs that aren't casual friendly.

    Just looking at GW2 (LMAO) you can see how the western mmorpg development has taken a bad turn and it's not going to become any better. Also almost every future MMO(RPG) will have micro-transactions in the western world so I would definately try FFXIV: ARR

    Square-Enix has shown that they are not giving up with the game (creating v2.0 ARR from almost scratch in less than a year) and considering FFXI has been running successfully for MANY MANY MANY years.

    I also think that best mmorpg experience I've ever had was in FFXI mainly because the forced grouping and the massive emphasis on PvE. It's a big problem with MMO(RPGs) nowdays that they try to please everyone and they keep developing PvE and PvP content side by side and in the end they have two shitty system instead of one great system.

    Blizzard is probably the only company capable of pulling a _decent_ PvE and PvP system side-by-side because they have millions subscribers and massive workforce behind WoW.

    Every other company has failed because they've tried to make a PvE & PvP mmorpg.

    Pick one, go with it, make it freaking awesome, don't try to put everything into your game.

    Warhammer Online has great PvP nowdays but it took them a year and everyone forgot about the game, after that they didn't go F2P and now they are sturggling especially with using workforce to the 3-sided wierd ass moba game nobody remembers.

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