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Twice Avenged PvX [Stormbluff Isle}

Treylor_1Treylor_1 Memphis, TNPosts: 1Member

Twice Avenged [TwiA] - "PvXcellent!" - Stormbluff Isle
Please register on our forum to apply.

We're the result of a merger between a NA guild and a EU guild in GW1. We also have contacts in other guilds who will be playing on our world. This allows us to become a dominant force in WvW, holding keeps day and night. We'll conquer every dungeon, complete every map, wear the sexiest armor, make insane decisions in our personal stories, and have far more fun than any guild should ever have. We're just missing one thing: YOU!

So what are you waiting for? Register on our forum, then fill out an application to introduce yourself. We'll hook you up with a personal mentor to help you integrate with our group of passionate GW enthusiasts. We look forward to playing with you.

(Oceanic players may have a better experience by joining Mistborn [MB] instead!)

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