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So my favorite game ever ...EVER... is now an online game

Angier2758Angier2758 Mt. Prospect, ILPosts: 1,011Member




I've seen video of the combat and its pretty close to what I want to see... but there's 2 things I need to know:

List of available mechs?

Are there melee weapons? 



Battletech's big draw for me was the sheer amount of mechs you could use.  


  • ArentakArentak Joliet, ILPosts: 2Member

    Its in Beta, so a lot will change before release:  


    Light: Commando, Raven, Jenner

    Medium: catapult, centurion, hunchback, Dragon (I get my mediums and heavies confused sometimes, sorry)

    Assault: Atlas, Awesome


    They are adding more.  No melee weapons yet.  No idea if they are coming.  I'm fond of Jenners.

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