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Rome Total war question

tazarconantazarconan athensPosts: 1,013Member

I installed 2 days ago Rome total war and BI expansion ,kinda missed its excitements heh. Problem is last time i played it i had a mod, which was allowing the recruitement of every enemy unit ina town u captured. Example i played the greek campaign and once i took a macedonian town i was able to recruit Levy pikemen,macedonian cavalry etc etc

Problem is i cant recall the name of that mod and 2 days now im googling like crazy and cant find it =[ .

I found couple of mods that suppose to let u recuit few units but they also change core things in the vanilla which i dont like at all.

If anyone is aware of the mod's name or any other mod that let u recruit enemy units from towns u capture pls share info.

Thnks in advance.

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