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cybersrscybersrs New York, NYPosts: 179Member Uncommon
Is there anyone playing the beta?


  • VarkingVarking Winston-Salem, NCPosts: 522Member Uncommon
    Invites have gone out but I haven't activated yet. Been at work.
  • stygianapothstygianapoth Oakwood, GAPosts: 185Member Uncommon

    i got a closed beta invite. servers are open 2 hours on certain days. right now i'm trying to download a huge 4gb file (after i ALREADY downloaded it) so i am not sure if i will even get to play tonight. i thought i had all files up to date since i spent this morning downloading the game and patching.


    come game time (10pm est) i have yet another 4 gig file to download. this is not productive IMO.


    i have a FAST connection and am at 10% within 10 minutes.


    if it keeps up this way ill have the patch completed in 100 minutes, which gives me a whole 20 minutes to play on this certain day on this certain hour.


    if they really want feedback they need to figure out how to patch before the servers open.

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