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Do cross realm zones make faction numbers unbalanced?

Imperator101Imperator101 Toronto, ONPosts: 131Member

Im planning on trying WoW again when I get a gaming computer to see if I really wanna come back to it, only have a netbook now so I can't play it. Im going to play on either Bleeding Hollow or Emerald Dream, both servers have pvp with almost even numbers of Horde/Alliance. But would the cross realm zones make things uneven? Most realms have very uneven ratios of Alliance/Horde. 

Im happy CRZ brought back world pvp, or so I think.



  • Imperator101Imperator101 Toronto, ONPosts: 131Member
    Can someone please share their insight on this?

  • azrael466azrael466 hillsboro, ORPosts: 365Member

    I thihnk the entire point of cross realm zones is to make them MORE balanced. IE, if a zone has a 10:1, they'll do a cross realm zone to get the ratio more balanced.


    I could be wrong, I haven't noticed any drastic shifts at least.

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  • observerobserver Posts: 3,650Member Rare

    That's a good point, but i don't think it does, since they use the same system as Battlegrounds and LFG Tool.

    Cross-realming happens for all servers in their Battlegroups first (same with BGs & LFD), then if there's not enough people, they start phasing in people from other battlegroups.  It's a really good system if you think about it.

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