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recruiting new PLAYERS for RFonline !!!

smokaysmokay West Lafayette, INPosts: 3Member

Hey guys, i am "smokay" from RFonline ( Elmer server, Cora race.

Our guild wants to invite you guys, ANYONE, to join our guild and checkout this PVP game!!

The game is called RFonline, and different from other MMORPGS, this game is mainly focused on PVP.

Every 8 hours we have wars within 3 different races!


We are trying to recruite as many people as possible ! 

Our guild, since its the biggest guild in our race, can really help you to level fast!!!!  Our guild is called "AlianzaCora"

We would later provide our TeamSpeak server info for further better communication within players.


You can download the game from ;

Name of the game is RF Online. 

The server we play is Elmer 

and the race is "Cora" 

Many prizes from our guild if you join by this week !


Please reply to this thread if you are interested! ^_^


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