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Please help me with my master's thesis on online gaming

Esteemed gamers!

I am doing a survey as part of my master’s thesis on online gaming, and I need an informed populace with MMO experience to fill it out. It’s only 10 questions, mostly about your gaming habits and preferences. If you could take a few minutes to fill it out, you would help me out a lot.

Survey closed!

This is not part of any professional market survey, nor is it financed by anyone at all. I’m just some dude trying to get my degree, which is why I rely on the volunteers I can find in online forums.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: The survey is now closed! A big thank you to everyone who participated!


  • KrasnijKrasnij ViennaPosts: 40Member
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  • KrasnijKrasnij ViennaPosts: 40Member

    valderalv, i did your survey, its quite short, for a master thesis i think you really need to do a lot more of questions to get to a scientific relevant point of view which you want to defend or state in your thesis.

    by the way, which question will be stated and answered by your thesis?

    best regard

  • mymmomymmo moms basment since the 2008 crashPosts: 306Member Uncommon
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    Best of luck with your master´s thesis Valderalv :) 

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  • ThaVampThaVamp LeidenPosts: 48Member

    I also kinda failed to see the conclusions you could pull from this survey. The only conclusion from this survey you could take are things like, males are more likely to buy in-game money then females, or X% of the gamers from buy in-game money. You might want to add questions on what specific items they spend money on, if people mind spending money and also if they use unofficial channels or only in-game shops. Then you can draw interesting conclusions like, X% of the mmo gamers feel forced into buying digital money.

    BTW please don't feel offended, I'm just trying to help you. Also, I don't know your Thesis questions, so I might be completely wrong ;-)


  • DauzqulDauzqul Detroit, MIPosts: 1,526Member Uncommon

    Sadly, I play games 20+ hours per week.

    Happily, I don't spend a dime on real-money auction house bs.

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  • LeegOfChldrnLeegOfChldrn Jcakson, MSPosts: 364Member

    Just because you fail to see a conclusion you can pull from this survey doesn't mean there isn't a reason the survey is short.

    I can easily see several conclusions that can result from this survey, which can readily help someone complete their master's thesis.

    Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it needs to be fixed.


    So many know-it-alls who think they know better than other people and thus need to give them advice.

  • valderalvvalderalv OsloPosts: 3Member

    Thanks to everyone who filled it out so far! I've gotten halfway to my target responses in just 3 days!

    Also, I appreciate the feedback on my survey, and also the concerns raised. It's short because it's purpose is to supply a simple demographic overview of gamers and their preferences on this topic. This demographic data will then be supplemented by more in-depth data drawn from the interviews that I hope people will want to take part in, and together they'll help me confirm or debunk my thesis.

    I would post the thesis, but I don't want to "contaminate" any potential interviewees with the answers I'm looking for.

  • DragonantisDragonantis DublinPosts: 974Member Uncommon
    Survey completed, goodluck with it :)
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