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WvWvW Puzzle Obsidian Sanctum, best experience in a mmorpg in years!

LukoooneLukooone SevillaPosts: 153Member Uncommon

Oh man if you haven tried it, please do!


Its the best experience I have in a mmorpg in years.


To the complexity of this laberintic puzzle with impossible jumps, disorientation, dark places that requires to walk on a tightrope, at least 5 types of different traps and a need to use your brain (yes, use your brain in a mmorpg,would you believe it?) you need to add this : enemies of the other servers are also in and of course can "interact with your experience".


And you will need to start from 0 if you die in a fall or a fight or wait for someone to rezz you, impossible thing in some places.


/Ironic mode ON

Have you gone crazy ANet? Difficulty in a mmorpg? Whats wrong with you guys? Someone going nuts? Didnt see what WoW did? hey you need to cater more to casuals or they will full your forums with crys when they just put one feet in the puzzle and got ganked! Not talking about when they get killed near the end!

/Ironic mode OFF


Im impressed, 5 hours take us to complete it in a 4 man group, lots of fights, revenges, pushes, deaths, rezzs... 5 hours of fun and personal challenge.



But, but, but he attacked me when I was low life! 

Yes, HE DID, why you cant do the same to him? 

Uf that will take me a lot of time... 


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