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National Community Outreach Month

RedruumRedruum Aurora, ILPosts: 306Member Uncommon

We within the Acolytes Gaming Community have been donating to charities for years now.  We feel it is important to not only strive to do well within the video games we play, but to reach out to communities through charities to make a difference outside of games as well.

October itself is a not just Breast Cancer Awareness month, but it is also National Community Outreach month. No matter what you do, be it a small donation or spending your free time at a soup kitchen, or with disadvantaged youth it matters. The smallest of things can make the biggest of impacts.

Over the years we have raised $6000+ for various charitable organizations and we are just one community. We have done charity drives with Child's Play, Susan B. Komen for the Cure, Extra Life, etc.  We encourage the gaming community to do your small part which in turn will make a huge impact overall.


Below are just a couple "gaming" related charities.

Childs Play Charity -

Extra Life -


Below are a couple links for our community if you want to read more about us or "Like" us.

Facebook Page *NEW* -

Website -

Twitter -

YouTube -


Thank you all for your time and remember the smallest donations can have an impact somewhere in the world.



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