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Great mmo, I'll be playing this mmo for years,

delete5230delete5230 Posts: 3,664Member Rare

Please note :

This post was to be sarcasm, I was trying to drive home a point that the game was easy and you don't need anyone.

1) Our guild does not play open world together, no point in it.
2) I'm playing my necro 7 levels higher than I should be to have a challenge.
3) all auto grouping causes everyone to play solo with no friends being made.
4) Personal story, takes away the multi player aspect.

I must say that the game is VERY WELL MADE, lots of features, coded well, nice graphics, and many things to do. Is it an mmo ?....Well yes and no, depending on how you look at it...For me no !



GuildWars 2 is hard.

 I'm having at hard time playing my character once I got past level 20.  Thank GOD I belong to a very active guild to help me out, there just great. As we advance in level together were finding more reasons to play together. Were sympathetic to anyone new, after all since GW2 is so hard, we know what it's like to try and play alone.  We had all been there...We have to stick together.

 I also have 15 people on my friends list.  We stick together in such a harsh environment.  We watch each others back, and we got to know each other even on a personal level.  In this kill or be killed mmo you really have to stick together.  When we do dungeons we watch the three minute cinematic together and everyone waits for each other to finish because they are so enjoyable and important to our group.

When none of my friends are not online, I'll make more by doing Dynamic Events.  I know theres auto grouping....No sorry, there not even auto grouping you just jump into a fight.  THIS IS A REAL GOOD WAY TO MAKE FRIENDS.  When done with one we all add each other to our list and move on to the next.


I'm a level 45 Necro.  Once I hit Bloodtide Coast the game changed again, it's much harder.  You really need the community.  If anyone has not reached this area, do yourself a favor and make sure you have a small group before leaving the hub.  Just ask in local chat.  Believe me, others will join your group because it is that hard, and remember if you click add them to your list of friends, I'm sure you will need them later.

Personal story !!!!.....Well that speaks for it self.  I know this can be done solo, but why, everyone likes to help each other out. This is one of Anet's best feature as a community builder.  Just another way to make friends.  Just go to Divinity's Reach and using /map chat ask " does anyone feel like helping me out with my Personal story ". You will be fighting off to help you. All real multi player games should have this.  


GuildWars 2 is a real Multi player game. This game is all about community and you could get years of game play from it. Just log in and play with your new found friends.


  • elockeelocke Manassas, VAPosts: 4,305Member Uncommon

    I really like GW2.  Now that I said that, let me also say I don't feel I could play this for years in it's current form.  It just doesn't have the longevity in game systems that it needs to do so.  Yet.  Not sure what they are going to patch as content, but I hope whatever it is, tackles the longevity issue head on. 

    Nice enthusiasm though, OP.   I'm not ready to count it out just yet, but man I could use a nice injection of upcoming content and not some generic promises of more to come and what teams are doing what.  I want actual bullet points the likes of which we get from Trion on a monthly/bi-monthly basis for Rift.  Until then, my Mesmer is parked in LA awaiting more to do.(Full exotics, level 80, 400 chef, 100% world completion)  I've done everything I "enjoy" doing like they say in their quotes.  Unfortunately for me, what I enjoy doing has a finite limit and can't be done until more content is put in.  So for me, GW2 endgame isn't an endgame at all.  BUT, I'm not saying put in the gear treadmill from other endgames either.  So don't even go there, flamers.  :D

  • Zeus.CMZeus.CM ZagrebPosts: 1,788Member
    I'm glad you find it challenging and very social. Unlike some nonsense I saw on this forum saying Gw2 is destroying socializing because players are so occupied with fighting that they use chat rarely.
  • TzykiraTzykira EekloPosts: 13Member

    U can lvl to 80 solo easly, the game isnt hard at all, im 65 elementalist atm never had any problems doing the quests/zone/story like, the game (  in my opinion) is pretty much solo-play all the time.

    but then again thats my personal opinion.


    ( I'm not including the dungeons/party = faster)

  • gessekai332gessekai332 New York City, NYPosts: 860Member Uncommon
    Gw1 kept me playing on and off for 7 yrs. Each time I reutrned I enjoyed the game more and more because of the drastic amount of content and the massive changes made each time. If arenanet can keep up with that same dedication and diligence they will be able to keep the game going stong. The halloween patch will be a key predictor for the games longevity. By this time the game has matured and most people are nearing endgame. At this point they will need to inject enough change and content to last people until the next big holiday patch.

    Most memorable games: AoC(Tryanny PvP), RIFT, GW, GW2, Ragnarok Online, Aion, FFXI, FFXIV, Secret World, League of Legends (Silver II rank)

  • expressoexpresso mePosts: 2,218Member Uncommon
    I must be super pro at MMO's cus I find the open world PvE rather standard providing I dont try and take on more than 3-4 mobs, it's harder than most mmo's cus mobs really do take a chunk of your health but as long as you manage your dodges, slows etc it becomes just as trival as most other MMO's.  At least that's my experience with my lvl 69 engineer.
  • Dreamo84Dreamo84 Niagara Falls, NYPosts: 3,694Member Uncommon
    Originally posted by Tzykira
    U can lvl to 80 solo easly, the game isnt hard at all, im 65 elementalist atm never had any problems doing the quests/zone/story like, the game (  in my opinion) is pretty much solo-play all the time. but then again thats my personal opinion.   ( I'm not including the dungeons/party = faster)

    How did you manage to be solo the whole time? I can't do anything without other people helping!

    Yes it counts as multiplayer if you aren't grouped.

  • JoeyMMOJoeyMMO SomewherePosts: 1,326Member

    I don't agree on the game being super hard. The only zone that was really hard to solo was around Orr. Tons of undead all over the place, really hard to get through. Just getting to the spots for your personal story alone was hard. Are you even using upgrades in your gear and not going glass cannon?

    Still it seems to have improved already. Not sure if it was due to being level 80, or due to speccing more towards toughness with better gear or due to a mob-rebalancing patch, but it's definitely more doable now. There are usually people around except for remote skill point challanges which take a while to get company for if they're just too hard to solo.

    World completion is something I'm slowly working on, 67% on the ele. Not sure what exotics I'm going to get yet, but I'm really not in a hurry. Getting Whispers initiation now on my engineer after Durmond (ele)  and Vigil (war) is on the to do list. Also dabbling in Alts now, trying all the classes. Working with an Ash Legion Necro now and the story seems so much more enjoyable than the Blood Legion one on my warrior. Too bad I only have 8 character slots. It would be a shame to have to delete characters just for the other personal stories, but eventually those all boil down to the 3 orders and about 2 choices per mission.

    Getting full exotics on all those is going to take a while, but I'm frankly not sure I'll find the motivation to get all of them that high.

    Still lots of progrssion possible in sPvP and WvW. More than enough to keep me playing more or less casually for many more months and by that time we'll probably be seeing the first real expansion or at least a release date for that.

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