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PvX/EU – LGBT – House of the Black Oak

GothamCityFiascoGothamCityFiasco FrankfurtPosts: 21Member

House of the Black Oak [tree] is a casually competitive guild, focused on SPvP/Tournaments and dungeons. In addition to these ongoing events, we have members who actively engage in map completion (vistas, waypoints, story-mode dungeons, and points of interest), and crafting. Our “casual competitive” attitude means we have the utmost respect for your real life, not just your in-game persona. We seat a total of 50 members; this means we’re a smaller, private guild which relishes our members’ contributions and skills. Because we maintain a smaller group of players, we also foster a more community-oriented playstyle and team environment than many of the other guilds. You will never be anonymous, left out, or forgotten. Your contributions will always matter!

We’re excited to build a set of teams within our guild to compete in Guild Wars 2 eSports as ArenaNet develops this area of the game.

We play on Aurora Glade. Please note that this is not a “gay guild,” but
we are very gay and lesbian friendly. Many of our players are gay/lesbian, so you definitely need to be comfortable with that. We have a 0-tolerance policy for nerdrage or disrespectful/immature behavior on voice chat or in guild chat.

tree] is currently accepting applications from mature gamers (community-oriented, team-players) for PvP tournaments and dungeon activity, and future eSports competition. Note: We are a social guild with a very social play style. As with any social environment, people tend to become friends and sometimes talk about their personal lives, either in guild chat or on voice chat. If you’re not comfortable playing with gay guys and gals, if you frequently call people the “f” word while playing (the six-letter one), or if you just plain dislike gay people (hey, you’re entitled), then we’re probably not the best fit for you.

We don’t have an exhaustive application process; everyone is welcome to join. We do conduct a short interview via voice-chat (Skype or Steam) prior to admission to the guild.

For more information, or to submit an application, please visit our web site:


Legend tells of a tree planted in mystery before the time of the dragons, nurtured and cared for by The Six themselves, that grew to have leaves red as blood and bark black as night, scorched to ash by the dragons when they first woke. Before it burned, the wind carried seeds from the tree to the four corners of the world. Some believe these seeds hold the key to defeating the dragons and restoring peace to Tyria. Sometimes, in quiet corners and dark circles, you may hear such believers whisper of a secret society: House of The Black Oak.


  • GothamCityFiascoGothamCityFiasco FrankfurtPosts: 21Member
    Just a quick bump to let everyone know: We're still actively building our in-game community! Get in touch with us if you're looking for an active and social guild.
  • crystalblu3crystalblu3 Bethlehem, PAPosts: 1Member Uncommon
    lovely group of people
  • GothamCityFiascoGothamCityFiasco FrankfurtPosts: 21Member
    Originally posted by crystalblu3
    lovely group of people

    Thanks, crystal! We like to think so! We're still growing, though, and looking for more excellent people to add to our group. Tell your friends! :)

  • GothamCityFiascoGothamCityFiasco FrankfurtPosts: 21Member
    Just a quick bump to let everyone know that we've grown quite a bit in the past 2 weeks, but are still accepting members. If you're interested in a friendly, fun, casual group of people to play with, we're a great match. Very LGBT-friendly (but not exclusive). Visit our web site for more info:
  • GothamCityFiascoGothamCityFiasco FrankfurtPosts: 21Member
    Just a quick bump to say we've opened recruitment again. We have a great group of core players now and are really excited to start taking on some new people. Come join us for PVP, Dungeons, and all sorts of fun. Visit to apply or find out more!
  • GothamCityFiascoGothamCityFiasco FrankfurtPosts: 21Member
    Just a quick bump: We're opening recruitment once again. Come check out the new content for February and March with us. New players and characters are welcome. As a group-oriented guild, we're happy to level, dungeon, explore, and pvp together. Visit our web site for more info and to apply:
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